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How we exchange your Swiss Francs into Euros and vice versa

Exchange your money from CHF to EUR and vice-versa, via wire transfers, in two simple steps. Foreign-exchange transactions in cash are time-consuming, risky and expensive! We are experienced in CHF/EUR forex operations, to meet our users' necessities.

About us

About us

ELP SA is a Swiss financial company specialised in online financial services.

How does It work?

How does It work?

Convert your CHF into EUR and vice-versa via wire transfer: it takes only two simple steps.

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

ELP SA is an authorized Swiss financial company that operates under the rules and AML-provisions of the SRO PolyReg, which is affiliated to FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority)

Have you ever thought about how much money you lose in fees and commissions whenever you exchange your Swiss Francs into Euros and vice-versa?

Fast & Easy

For Cross-border workers is perfect for cross-border workers who have to exchange their salary every month. With you avoid queues at currency-exchange offices or banks, and benefit of the best exchange rate in Ticino. And you can do it from home, whenever you like.

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savings and convenience

For Swiss citizens is also convenient for people who live in Switzerland and occasionally travel to the EU countries, where the legal tender currency is the Euro. If you have a bank account in EUR, you will receive your money there once the currency-exchange would be completed. This way, you'll forget the inconvenience to carry large amounts of cash with you.

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Business solutions

For small, medium or large businesses. can help small, medium and large companies that need to change CHF to EUR and vice-versa. Each company can set its own exchange rate, comfortably and transparently. The rate set at the time of the request will be guaranteed untill the end of the following banking-day. The requested currency and amount will be paid-out via bank-wire transfer, without commission nor additional costs. With you can reduce currency-exchange costs up to 80% compared to traditional intermediaries or brokers.​

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do it from home

Save your precious time: convert your currency online!

With every operation is made via bank transfers. You'll save time - no more queuing at bank counters or exchange offices - and money too, because the exchange rate we offer is the best in Ticino. It is about 80% lower than the average currency-exchange rate offered. By creating your account on, you'll make your currency-exchanges even quicker: the process is 100% free and will take you less than 4 minutes!


Our goal is to offer the best online currency-exchange service. goal is to provide a convenient and secure online currency-exchange service. You can convert your money from home or from your phone and in less than 24 hours, in most cases, we will transfer the sum you requested directly to your destination account. The whole process is 100% safe because we only use traceable bank transfers: your money simply cannot be lost or stolen.

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