Frequently asked questions

On this page you'll find a list of the most frequently asked questions from our customers about our online exchange service. With this page we want to give solutions to the most common questions that may come to your mind. If you have want to know more about specific aspects or if something is not clear, do not hesitate to contact us.

No. For safety and traceability reasons only works with electronic transfers. We do not accept cash and do not pay in cash.

The most updated market rate with no additional commission.
Our team is composed of staff with extensive experience in the financial sector and in the forex trading. We rely on the interbank liquidity market to provide the best possible currency exchange conditions.
Try out our service if you wish to save money on each currency exchange!

To use our service you must have two bank accounts: one in CHF, and another in EUR.
!!! WARNING !!!
No third parties payments allowed!
The sender and the beneficiary of the money must be the same person.


Usually 2 or 3 working days. The timing of any operation may vary depending also on your bank. will send you the money changed into the desired currency on the very same date we receive your transfer.


Third-parties payments are strictly forbidden. We do not offer money transfer services.
!!! WARNING !!!
No third-parties payments allowed.
The sender and the beneficiary of the money must be the same person.

No, you cannot. We do not execute third-parties payments, nor we carry out money-transfer services.
!!! WARNING !!!
No third-parties payments allowed.
The sender and the beneficiary of the money must be the same person.


No. We will exchange your money at the rate you fixed with your exchange request. will send you the money, in the desired currency, to the bank account you’ve chosen, without applying any commission for the transfer.
Please note:
– The cost to send money to from your bank is levied by the client;
– We will change only the money that will be actually credited to;
– Your bank may charge fees for receiving/sending wire transfers. Check the conditions applied by your bank.


The minimum amount you can exchange through is 100 Swiss Francs or Euro.
Due to regulatory provisions, the temporary maximum change limit is 5’000 Swiss Francs or equivalent.
For transactions whose amount is greater or equal to 5’000 CHF we are requested by the law to personally identify you. Please, contact us by email or phone to set an appointment at our HQ in Chiasso.

Yes. Our exchange service is provided by the company ELP SA. ELP SA is a Swiss financial company based in Chiasso. Our team is made of professionals with extensive experience in the financial sector and in trading currencies (Forex). The exchange service we provide relies on world leading banks and financial intermediaries.


Yes. ELP SA is a Swiss financial company based in Chiasso. The company operates under the provisions of the Swiss law, in particular under the LFid law on the exercise of fiduciary professions (1st december 2009). ELP SA is also affiliated to SRO PolyReg, a self-regulatory organization (SRO). PolyReg is recognised by the Swiss Federal Money Laundering Control Authority.

Below you can find examples of average charges applied by currency exchange services (changes of 1’000 CHFs against EURs):
– at international airports: 70 CHF
– at banks: 20 CHF
– at currency exchange offices: 10 CHF
– with 5 CHF
Check our rates with what is offered by your usual currency exchange provider!


The service employs professionals well experienced in the financial services sector as in currencies trading (Forex.) We adopt the interbank currency exchange rate in order to provide our clients with the best available exchange rate conditions. We do not charge any additional cost nor fee. We highly recommend you check with your bank for tariffs and charges applied to wire transfers.
Try our service and see for yourself!


Here is an extract of the general Terms and Conditions:
– works only with electronic payments, bank wire transfers are the sole payments accepted. In no case can accept any cash payment.
– The contacts, the information and references included in the forms (Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number) must be true, correct and updated.
If the above is not respected, the money will be returned back to the sending bank account, deduced of an administrative fee of 5 CHF.
– to exchange any amount greater than or equivalent to 5’000 CHF please contact us for an appointment at our office to proceed with a face-to-face identification.
– it is not possible to request payments to third-parties. does not carry out money transfer services;
– the service does not apply any fee nor extra charge for both incoming and outcoming payments;
– if we should be forced to decline a transaction for any reason (lack of information, incorrect data, customer untraceability; the money eventually received will be returned to the sending bank account, subject to an administrative fee of 5 CHF.

In case you make a mistake while executing the bank wire transfer towards ELP SA, the bank will reject the payment automatically and your funds will come back into your bank account.


In order to avoid charges, we strongly recommend that you use national bank wire transfer to send us your money from whitin Switzerland, while we suggest to use SEPA payments, when sending us money from abroad (using the IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code).


We will send you EURs using an internal Swiss Bank payment or a SEPA payment, if your EUR bank account is outside the Swiss Confederation.
WARNING: Sometimes banks may charge you for receiving a bank wire transfer. We strongly recommend that you to check the conditions applied by your bank.

There are two ways to certify your identity:

1) By appointment: visit our HQ in Chiasso and do not forget to bring with you a valid ID document.
We will make a copy of your ID and we will certify it. The procedure is free and takes less than 5 minutes.

2) By postal mail: we will ask you to send us a certified copy of your ID.
You can get a certified copy of your ID at a bank, or by a notary, a lawyer or you can also visit one of the Swiss Postal offices.
The certified copy of your ID must contain date, signature and contact details of the person that made the certification.

The Customer is responsible for any fees that his or her bank may apply for sending or receiving wire transfers. In no event, shall be retained liable for any fees or cost charged by the bank to the Customer.
We strongly recommend that before entering in any commercial relation with the us, the Client reviews the conditions and commissions offered by his or her bank/s and inquire in advance regarding the costs of both sending and receiving national and international bank wire transfers.

Yes. Complete the corporate online form and we will contact you to set up a meeting with one of our consultants.

Yes, but first you need to complete an identification process. Contact us to set up a meeting with one of our consultants.


Write an email to and we will assist you to find out a solution. In case you are not satisfied with our assistance, you can contact the self-regulatory organization to which we adhere by visiting the website You can also send a complaint through the form provided by FINMA on its website,


Please check that you’ve entered your correct email address and that your email inbox is not full.
Also check the folder “spam” or “junk mail.”
If you still can’t find our confirmation email, please contact us.


Check with your bank wether the funds have been transferred to us.
f after 24 hours after sending your transfer you have not received our confirmation email, please contact us.
Don’t worry, bank transfers can’t be lost.


Mrs. Maria Rossi works as a clerk at the firm ABC Sagl. Maria is the holder of two bank accounts, one in CHF and one in EURs.
Both the CHF and the EUR accounts must belong to Mrs. Maria Rossi.
Mrs. Rossi needs to change 2,000 CHF in EUR to pay for a vacation in Italy.
Mrs. Rossi accesses and fills out the request form in its entirety.
Immediately, Mrs. Rossi receives a confirmation of her request and the bank details where the amount she wants to change should be sent.
Mrs. Rossi is also required to submit a double-sided colour copy of her identity document. 
Mrs. Rossi initiates the transfer in CHF as indicated and waits for her funds in EURs (no more than 24 hours).
The next day, Mrs. Rossi receives a confirmation email from his transfer has been received, her funds have been exchanged into euros and within 48 hours she will receive the sum in the bank account she indicated.
After a short while, Mrs. Rossi receives the money in her EUR bank account.


Your data and information relating to your transactions are stored in electronic form and on paper documents at our offices.
As per legal provisions, we store data for a period of 10 years.

Yes. Write an email to or simply do not initiate the bank wire transfer.
Withdrawal is only possible up to the moment we receive your transfer.
Please read the Terms and Conditions of our service.


Other questions? Contact us for any information or clarification.

Please read the Disclaimer before using our website. If you use our website and service you must accept the Disclaimer.