The Company ELP SA is an authorized financial intermediary. All financial intermediaries based in Switzerland must affiliate themselves with a self-regulatory organization (SRO) or request the authorization of the supervisory authority for the exercise of their activity. ELP SA is affiliated with the SRO PolyReg. PolyReg is an association recognized by the Swiss Confederation as a self-regulatory organization (SRO) pursuant to art. 24 of the Money Laundering Act (LRD). The association fulfils its legal supervisory and control tasks with respect to its affiliates in accordance with its regulations and is subject to supervision by the FINMA Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. ELP SA also has, in the figure of Mr. Pietro Aulisio, a financial fiduciary license based on the Law on the Exercise of Fiduciary Professions (LFid). The company holds an insurance policy for professional civil liability with cover for potential pecuniary damage of up to one million Swiss Francs, issued by the insurance company: Lloyd's of London.